Career Development

Don't just dream about it - do it!

Changing careers can be stressful, however a change also opens new opportunities and challenges.

You could have several reasons to transition to a new career: Perhaps your current role lacks stimulation or is too demanding, or you may have a poor relationship with an annoying boss! You could be looking for a promotion, higher pay, or the job you're in might be ending.

And if you've had a disruption to your career, how do you start again and get back on track - fast?

So what is your next move?

We work with motivated and curious people just like you. We provide guidance and support to help you plan ahead, find your way, rediscover your joy and future proof your career.

Are you ready? Let's get started!

Coaching and Training

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a personalised process designed to achieve professional growth. We guide you in identifying strengths, overcoming obstacles, and making strategic decisions. Through assessments and tailored plans, career coaching can enhance your self-awareness, skill development and focus.

We provide insights into market trends and effective communication, and help build a growth mindset. Equiping you to rise, to navigate the professional landscape effectively, and achieve the career fulfillment you need and want.

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Personalised Coaching

One to one, 90 minute online coaching sessions, to help you orientate yourself, and navigate the demands and expectations of the evolving work environment.

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60 min online workshops and classes, collated for you to create your own pathway and build your chosen skills. Chose one, or chose a collection of courses and coaching - and grow!

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Change 101

A practical and insightful 2.5 hr online workshop kick start your career change and get you moving. Check the next dates online.

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Blueprint for Change

The Blueprint for Change is a 6 week program + coaching sesssions, designed to find your pathway, build your skills and find direction and opportunities for your future.

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Services and Solutions

Organisational Services

Elevate your organisation with engaged teams and leaders.

“Be Curious ”

Develop industry leading skills, high performing teams and creative cultures. — Karl Nielsen

“Find the best talent”

Find the right people and the right opportunity — Karl Nielsen

“Create outstanding leaders”

Build an organisation of leaders who are fully engaged, highly productive and self aware — Karl Nielsen

“Build Engaged and happy teams”

Enhancing team effectiveness, through facilitation, team assessment and development — Karl Nielsen

Organisational Services

Build your teams, shape your culture.

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Thoughts & Ideas

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Browse the latest articles, from adapting to new work realities and staying positive in uncertain times.

Sep. 12th

Find your purpose at work

Do you ever wonder why you do the work you do? Do you question if your work has a positive impact on yourself and others?

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Sep. 23rd

Staying Relevant in the Workplace

In 2008, a quirky study shook the chess world by revealing that three out of the top ten players had below-average IQs.

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Sep. 24th

Returning to the workplace

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time off work for any reason, returning to work can be a challenge.

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1:1 support, designed specifically for mid career professionals who've taken a hit, suffered a loss, or been out of the workplace for an extended period of time.